Winter Warm Women Bicycle Gloves Acrylic with Touch Screen Effect

Cycling gloves with acrylic material and touch screen effects are a popular choice for cyclists. The durable acrylic material retains warmth and helps wick away sweat to keep your hands dry and comfortable on long rides. The touchscreen effect makes it easy for the cyclist to use a smartphone or GPS device without taking off his gloves. This is especially useful in colder climates, where using the touchscreen with gloves off can be uncomfortable. Overall, acrylic cycling gloves with touchscreen effect are a great addition to any cyclist's gear collection, offering comfort, durability, and convenience.

Products Details

Cycling gloves with a touchscreen effect are designed to allow you to use your smartphone or other touchscreen device without taking off the glove. This is handy for cyclists who need to stay connected while cycling. Benefits of these gloves include:
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Applicable Season: Winter
Applicable Scene: Outdoor, Travel, Sports, Cycling, Go shopping, Business, Fishing, Home Use, Daily, Traveling
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: kimtex
Model Number: SWJ-20230328
Usage: Daily Life
Style: Striped
Item: Glove
Material acrylic
Size customized size
Logo customized logo,Jacquard
  Product Features Baseball-Cap (2)(1)   Product Feature Zhenjiang Kimtex Industrial Inc. is one part of KIMTEX GROUP CORPORATION, it is a trans-regional and multi-enterprise industrial and trade company. KIMTEX GROUP was established at Shanghai in 1998, we are a leading domestic manufacture and exporter of apparel and accessories. Kimtex engages in hats, caps, scarves, gloves, bandanas, headwears, sweatbands and headbands, socks,bags, shoes, headbands, etc......Baseball-Cap (2)(1)    Feedback 1. Convenience: With the cycling gloves with touch screen effect, you no longer need to take off your gloves when you want to play with mobile phones or other touch screen devices. This saves time and hassle and keeps you connected while on the go. 2. Comfort: Many cycling gloves are designed to provide extra comfort and support for your hands, especially on long rides. With the touchscreen effect, you get the added bonus of being able to use your phone without taking off your gloves, making your ride even more enjoyable. 3. SAFETY: It can be dangerous to take off your gloves while riding because it could cause you to lose your grip on the handlebars. With touchscreen gloves, you can protect your hands while still having access to your phone, ensuring a safer ride. 4. Multifunctional: These gloves are not only suitable for cycling, but also can be used for other outdoor activities that require the use of touch screen devices, such as hiking or running. They can also be used for other activities that require gloves, such as skiing or snowboarding.5. Weather resistance: The cycling gloves with touch screen effect are made of special materials to protect your hands in various weather conditions. They can keep your hands dry and warm in cold winter, or moist and cool in summer when it rains. 6. EASY NAVIGATION: Managing your phone or other touchscreen devices while cycling can be a hassle, but with the touchscreen effect gloves, you can navigate with ease. Even if your hands are sweaty, you can still operate your device without any problem. 7. Durability: These gloves are made of durable high-quality materials. They're made with reinforced stitching to help the glove retain its shape and fit through prolonged use. 8. Reflective features: Many cycling gloves with touch screen effects have reflective features to improve visibility in low light conditions. This is important for cyclists who often ride at night or early in the morning. 9. PROTECTION: The touch screen gloves provide protection from wind, handlebar rubbing, or any potential fall injuries. They also protect your hands from roadside debris, seasonal allergies, and protect them from numbness or developing diseases like arthritis. 10. Improve riding experience: In general, cycling gloves with touch screen effects can help you keep your hands warm in cold weather, keep your hands dry in rainy days, comfortable for long rides, functionally efficient, and improve overall riding Cycling experience as it allows for continuous communication and use of essential mobile apps while cycling. In summary, cycling gloves with touchscreen effects are highly recommended for cyclists who want to increase comfort, ease of use of phones and devices, increase safety, and enjoy riding in all weather conditions. Extremely durable, versatile, and weather resistant, these gloves provide protection and enhance the overall riding experience.Baseball-Cap (2)(1)   Certification Baseball-Cap (2)(1)   Exhibition 15 years experience Gantry 5's administrative interface has been completely.Quality guarantee The admin provides multiple options for styles, layout, particles.24-hour service Salient is built with a responsive layout, which means it automatically.

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